Past Symposia

8th International IPM Symposium 2015 - Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

The 8th International IPM Symposium, "IPM: Solutions for a Changing World," was attended by nearly 450 professionals from 27 countries. The symposium sessions were divided into tracks based on commodity or setting and addressed various aspects of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) across disciplines and around the world.


7th International IPM Symposium 2012 - Memphis, Tennessee, USA

The 7th International IPM Symposium, "IPM on the World Stage-Solutions for Global Pest Challenges," attracted more than 630 research, education, government, industry and environmental and health professionals from 36 countries for three days of presentations, networking and organizational meetings on key pest management issues.

6th International IPM Symposium 2009 - Portland, Oregon, USA


5th National IPM Symposium 2006 - St. Louis, Missouri, USA