Related Meetings and Activities

Special Invitation for Regional Meetings, IPM-Related Programs, and Informal Conferences

To save travel costs, take advantage of the opportunity to schedule meetings for your group or organization before the symposium on Sunday, March 18 or Monday, March 19 or after the symposium on March 23. Facilities have been reserved to accommodate such meetings. 

Meeting rooms are also available in the evenings during the event for informal conferences. 

To reserve space for your group, please send an email to Please include the name of the group, date and time desired, anticipated number of attendees, and preferred meeting room setup. For informal conferences, please include a brief proposal along with your request that will be reviewed by the program planning committee. The room rental fees will be covered by the IPM Symposium. Any food or audio-visual costs will be the responsibility of the meeting group.

There is a limited amount of space, so space will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.