Tick Summit

The IPM Institute of North America and Public Tick IPM Working Group have organized the Tick Summit – Integrated Tick Management: Community-Wide Action to Address the Global Tick Problem.


The day-long Tick Summit on Wednesday, March 21 will address:

  1. Current status of the tick and tick-borne disease (TBD) problem and current practices for
    Integrated Tick Management (ITM).
  2. Effectiveness of ITM practices used by communities, pest management service providers
    and individuals in reducing the risk of tick populations and TBD incidence.
  3. Current research projects and knowledge gaps.
  4. Opportunities to increase adoption of effective practices.


Thursday March 22, 2018

  1. Thursday morning: Mosquito and additional vector-borne disease sessions
  2. Thursday afternoon: An optional visit to Capitol Hill to educate policymakers


Registration Fees before February 19:

Tick Summit Only (includes Thursday AM): $235

Field Trip to Capitol Hill (Thursday PM): $45

More registration information can be found here.