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2018 Poster Award Winners

First Place

  • P165. Successful adoption of action threshold-based insecticide programs for thrips management in onion
    Ashley Leach, Cornell University

Second Place

  • P55. Dispersal of wheat curl mite from virus infected winter wheat
    Lindsay Overmyer, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Honorable Mention

  • P8. Insights into winter survival strategies of North American hover flies (Syrphidae) and the implications for pollination and conservation biological control
    Carl Scott Clem, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • P10. Evaluation of anaerobic soil disinfestation for ecofriendly weed management
    Ram B. Khadka, The Ohio State University
  • P30. Adoption of proactive resistance management practices to control Bemisia tabaci in Arizona and California
    Naomi Pier, University of Arizona
  • P32. Repeated temporal rotation from nontoxic bait to a cholecalciferol rodenticide enhances control of a wild house mouse population
    Sean P. Nolan, Clemson University
  • P50. A meta-analysis and economic evaluation of soil and seed applied insecticide use in Indiana maize
    Adam M. Alford, Purdue University
  • P53. Developing a sequential sampling protocol for scouting sugarcane aphid, Melanaphis sacchari Zehntner, in sorghum
    Jessica C. Lindenmayer, Oklahoma State University
  • P69. Integrated pest management and the role of spiders within Nebraska agroecosystems
    Samantha R. Daniel, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
  • P90. Field-level fungicide exposure to honey bees (Apis mellifera) during orchard bloom in Michigan
    Jacquelyn Albert, Michigan State University
  • P98. Invasive honeysuckle increases populations of the invasive vinegar fly, spotted wing Drosophila
    Heather Leach, Michigan State University
  • P130. Weeds as source of inoculum of Diaporthe gulyae, the causal agent of Phomopsis stem canker of sunflower
    Krishna Ghimire, South Dakota State University
  • P139. Augmentative biological control of twospotted spider mite on hops in the midwest
    Susan Ndiaye, The Ohio State University
  • P163. Evaluation of alternative weed control methods for horticultural crops
    Justin H. Keay, Lincoln University

2018 Symposium attendees viewing posters