Traveling to the United States

Passport and Visa Requirements

The length of time it takes to obtain a passport and visa varies by country, but we encourage you to begin the process as soon as possible. For the most current information and requirements, please visit the U.S. State Department website.

Every visitor entering the USA from abroad needs a passport. Foreign passports must be valid for at least six months longer than your intended stay in the USA, unless your country of origin is exempt from that requirement. See the exempt countries here.

A foreign national traveling to the United States to conduct temporary business needs a visitor visa (B-1) unless qualifying for entry under the Visa Waiver Program.

Temporary business includes attending a convention or conference, such as the IPM Symposium.

If you need a formal invitation letter for your visa application, email your request to Leah McSherry. Please list what information you need to have included in your letter, such as full legal name, university/professional affiliation, passport number, travel dates, presentation title and date, etc.

If additional assistance is needed, please contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your country.

COVID-19 Info

Regardless of vaccination status, proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19, is required for all air passengers two years of age or older boarding a flight from a foreign country to the United States.

Please visit the CDC website for the most current guidelines and requirements.

Symposium Policies

To help ensure the safety of all participants, registrants must agree to do the following, regardless of vaccination status:

(1) Obtain a negative, self- or lab-administered COVID-19 test result within 72 hours prior to arriving at the symposium;

(2) Wear a face mask over their nose and mouth, except when actively eating and drinking; and

(3) Socially distance when possible.

Attendees are also strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated prior to the symposium. This includes a booster shot, if eligible.

Air Travel

Denver International Airport (DEN) is the 20th-busiest airport in the world and fifth-busiest airport in the U.S. It is located in the same city in which the IPM Symposium is being held, so it is the most convenient airport to fly in and out of to attend the Symposium.

As a routine matter, U.S. Customs and Border Protection may search your belongings even if you don’t declare anything. The full list of customs rules is at


The unit of currency in the United States is the Dollar ($). Click here to calculate the current exchange rates. Foreign currency may be exchanged at banks during normal business days as well as at the airport and hotels. Exchange rates are set daily by each bank. Credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club are all widely accepted. ATMs are available at airports, hotels, and many shops and fast food restaurants.

It is custom to tip 15-20% at resturants and bars in the United States.


Electric power is standardized in all states across the USA. It is set at 110 Volts and 60 cycles. 220 Volt power is used in homes only for large appliances like stoves, water heaters and clothes dryers. It is not normally available for personal appliances.

If you bring any electrical appliance to the USA, you may need an adaptor to fit the US electrical receptacles. You may also need a converter to change the voltage from 110 volts to 220 volts.

Most common appliances will function with either 50 or 60 cycle current. Electrical frequency can affect electric clocks, audio equipment and some other electronic gear. You should check your electrical equipment for compatibility with 60-cycle current before you bring it to the USA.